If you or someone you know is worried about becoming increasingly forgetful, particularly if they're older than 65, you should talk to your doctor about the possibility of dementia.

Click here to find out about Dementia Screening - recognising the signs.

Is memory an issue for you or someone you know and you are in need of a referral form? This link might help: Click here to find the Dementia Pathway.

Do you want to know about Diverse Communities Engaged with Dementia?

Known as DCED for short - the initiative is about working to create dementia friendly communities in North Hampshire.

DCED will reach out to communities and families to offer support in managing loved ones journeys through dementia.

It will help educate through workshops, accessible information and self-help tools.

It will train and develop people from diverse communities to become befrienders and bilingual befrienders.

Diverse Communities Engaged with Dementia meets on the first Friday of each month between 11am and 12 noon.

Click here for more details or ring 01256 614916

One of our GPs has just been awarded a prestigious NICE Fellowship for Dementia. Dr Nicola Decker, Clinical Lead for Dementia at North Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group has been awarded a three-year NICE Fellowship. Dr Decker will continue as a GP at Oakley & Overton surgery, but the Fellowship will allow her to work with national and international dementia professionals. The expertise gained from learning and sharing with others in this field will be a huge benefit to sufferers in North Hampshire.

"Working to improve the quality of dementia care in North Hampshire is something I care about passionately," said Dr Decker "The NICE guidelines set a standard which combines social and health care and I am keen to ensure that we turn this guideline into actions so that patients and their families can benefit from improved care."

In a separate piece of good news for North Hampshire, Dr Decker has also successfully led a joint bid for Dementia Challenge funding. This means £293,000 is beng spent in North Hampshire funding new dementia initiatives.