Introduction to Formulary

This formulary is intended for the use of clinicians within the North Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group and focuses on medicines prescribed in primary care.

Medicines are reviewed for inclusion through the Basingstoke, Southampton and Winchester District Prescribing Committee (DPC). The main aim of the DPC is to ensure that there is a consistent approach to prescribing the most effective, safest and cost effective medicines across the local healthcare community. The CCG Medicines Optimisation Clinical Steering Group discusses and endorses the recommendations of the DPC and these are then incorporated into the formulary.

This formulary provides a list of medicines recommended for routine prescribing or those available under certain criteria. Patients stabilised on other therapies may be switched to a formulary drug if and when clinically appropriate.

It is recognised that in the best interests of patient care there will be situations when medicines that are not on the formulary may be required. If a non-formulary drug is requested on a wider scale, a formulary application should be made.

For more information about formularies please visit the West Hampshire CCG website.

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