Evening and weekend GP appointments available now across North Hampshire05/11/2018

Registered patients across North Hampshire can now book appointments with their GPs and other healthcare professionals, during the hours of 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, as well as on Saturday mornings and Sundays – making life much easier for those with hectic schedules.

The national deadline for improving access was October 1, but many practices across our area have been rolling this out since April, ensuring that the service runs efficiently before making it widely available.

North Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and local GP surgeries have been working in partnership to deliver the improved access, and achieved a one hundred percent rollout in time for the October deadline.

Sunday appointments are being delivered through North Hampshire Urgent Care, but cover all the normal things that you would expect if you attended your surgery. These have been extremely popular, with almost all the first wave of appointments being snapped up straight away.

Nicola Decker, Clinical Chair of North Hampshire CCG said:

“Enabling the delivery of the improved access appointments across our area has been a huge collaborative effort. We’re already seeing the benefits of these appointments to our patients. The extended hours allow for those with busy lifestyles to fit their medical needs around their own schedules.”

The evening and Saturday morning appointments may be provided by a neighbouring surgery who will have access to your records and will be working in partnership with your practice as part of Primary Care Clusters. To find out more please refer to your practice website or ask about these appointments when you next contact your surgery.

The following practices are working together to deliver improved access to primary care services:

  • Acorn Partnership, also covering Rooksdown and Beggarwood surgeries
  • Whitewater Partnership, Chineham and Clift
  • Bentley, Chawton Park, Boundaries and The Wilson Practice
  • Brambly’s Grange, Crown Heights and Odiham
  • Tadley and Watership Down Health
  • Bermuda Marlowe working with Crown Heights & Brambly’s Grange