Alton Strategic Health Services Review – update on outcomes published26/07/2017

A Public update for the Alton Strategic Health Services Review (now referred to as the Alton New Models of Care Programme) is now available to download.

The Review was established to address issues identified in the NHS Five year Forward View (NHS FYFV), published in October 2014.

What important points does the NHS Five Year Forward View make?

  • It states that changing patient need and increasing demand for services, need to be addressed.
  • It suggests that GPs could work closely with nurses and community health services, hospital specialists and mental health and social care, to create integrated, out of hospital care.
  • It suggests that community hospitals need to consider new options to help them remain viable, including forming partnerships and developing interdependencies with other hospitals further afield.
  • There needs to be significantly greater public engagement in positive health behaviour change, and self-care, with particular focus on reducing smoking and alcohol consumption and obesity.
  • It states the benefits of increased collaboration with voluntary, third sector and community organisations, and how these are fundamental to a changing health and social care landscape.

The July 2017 update provides a rationale for the Review, as well as outlining how the Clinical Commissioning Group has responded to public feedback, which was collated through two public engagement events held in January and March 2016, attended by over 400 Alton residents.