Governance Registers and Disclosures

Register of Interests The CCG maintains a Register of Interests where members of the Governing Body, and other key decision making subcommittee members are required to ensure that their pecuniary and other interests are formally declared and published. At the outset of a decision making meeting, declarations will be sought by the chair of the meeting and (where applicable) the person having an interest will be asked to either; take no part in the discussion or to leave the meeting for the agenda item. At each Governing Body meeting the schedule of declarations of interest is made available and updated as applicable in accordance with The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Partnership Conflicts of Interest Policy. Register of Gifts and Hospitality The CCG also holds a Register of Gifts and Hospitality, which also incorporates declarations relating to medicines management recorded separately. All individuals who are employed by, representing or acting on behalf of the CCG are expected to formally record in the Register, any hospitality or gifts which are offered or received. Refreshments or marketing item e.g. pens, coasters etc. valued under £25 can be normally be excluded from the process. The register will be reported to the CCG Audit Committee on a periodic basis. Disclosure Log The CCG keeps a record of all information provided under the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act 2000; this can be provided on request. Trade Union Facility Time As part of the Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirements) Regulations 2017 public sector organisations are required to report on trade union facility time, which is the paid time off for union representatives to carry out trade union activities. View the North Hampshire CCG Governance Registers and Disclosures here: